Climate Action Plan testimony: Alexis Lynn Litz

Editor's note: The following is the testimonial read by Alexis Lynn Litz, in front of the Environmental Rules Board on June 11. For more on Alexis, see our About page.

In light of the new EPA “Clean Power Plan,” the nation as a whole must reduce its carbon emissions by 30% within the next 16 years. Recognizing the fact that each state has different energy needs and means of obtaining this energy, each state has been given the liberty to address this issue as it sees fit.

Indiana, being a heavily coal dependent state now has some hefty decisions to make at this fork in the road. In order to reduce our states carbon emissions, we can invest more heavily in natural gas (a deceptive form of “cleaner” energy) or we can take the lead in developing renewable energy resources.

According to the Earth Charter, the document on which our organization is based, “we stand at a critical moment in Earth’s history, a time when humanity must choose its future.” This statement could not be more relevant to Indiana when we stand at this fork in the road. I know the EPA had every American's best interest in mind when passing these new carbon regulations and I trust that you all have every Hoosier’s best interest in mind as well.

Creating a Climate Action Plan that includes a reduction in our dependence on coal and instead focuses on more renewable energy resources will ensure a sustainable future for generations of Hoosiers to come.