Since many schools across the United States have already started a recycling effort, starting a composting effort is a great next step!

Composting is a process in which organic waste is decomposed and turned into useful and stable products. This environmentally friendly way to deal with waste can help to benefit your school! Not only does composting save landfill space, but it can help to enhance the soil in school gardens, reduce the amount of trash your school produces, prevent soil erosion, save money, and promote sustainable environmental actions.

The first step in this process is to get other people involved! Having the support of your principal, teaching staff, and other students will help to insure that the project moves forward. Once a committee is formed and you have learned as much about composting as you can, then it is important to look into the protocol for your school. Once you have developed a plan that falls within the school’s guidelines, you can put that plan into action.

Practice and perfect your composting prowess at home or in your apartment complex.